Number 3

9th August, The Steele Gallery, The Royal Cornwall Polytechnic Society, Falmouth

The third in the series went well with The Living Room looking brilliant within a gallery space. Many visitors commented how it looked very cosy and made the space feel less clinical.

Church Street was very busy as it was Falmouth Week, however, despite putting posters up in the windows to encourage people to come in, there were not very many visitors. Those who did come in stayed for quite a while, enjoying talking to Christopher and drinking tea.

One interesting reaction to the space was that a young girl walked over to the space and was about to walk on the carpet before holding herself back – at which point both Johns and I reassured her that she was more than allowed in! So despite the posters there was still a little uncertainty about the space – I think possibly due to the fact that it was in an art gallery (the uncertainty was removed at Caravanserai), this made the possibility of it being an installation piece even more likely. However, once invited in this particular girl and 3 of her friends stayed in The Living Room for 40 mins and really interacted with Johns and his work.

One commented that she felt like she was doing something wrong by intruding into this very private world of Johns’ sketchbook and that The Living Room set up enhanced this and thus it was a really personal exhibition.

the poly

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