Through a close collaboration The Living Room Series has been conceptualised and produced by the visual artist Christopher Johns and the curator Olivia Gray. Held in a variety of locations in Cornwall, these five exhibitions will provide an intimate experience in which to view Christopher’s artwork.

Since leaving university Johns has, almost obsessively, made sketchbooks.  Artworks in themselves; these are quickly filled with images that record specific moments in time and place. With a notebook ever on his person, Christopher is quick to capture those everyday objects that could seem mundane to some but manage to catch this artist’s eye. Whether precisely measuring and reproducing objects or quickly sketching things of interest, this compulsive need to document life is a meditative process that results in an archive of memories.

The desire to exhibit these books created a conundrum as not easily could they be displayed within a gallery.  It was therefore decided to construct a portable living room in which to house them. In this space people are invited to sit and chat to the artist, relax and rifle through the books or simply have a cup of tea and listen to the radio. Through this relaxed and inviting environment it is hoped that people will be able to get a greater depth of understanding about Christopher’s practice.

5th March – W.I Hall, Falmouth

27th to 31st July – Caravanserai, Roseland Peninsula

9th August – The Royal Cornwall Polytechnic Society (The Poly), Falmouth

6th to 10th September – University College Falmouth

24th September – Gather Festival, Celebrating 45 years of Resurgence Magazine – Goongillings Farm, Constantine

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